Friday, November 27, 2009


today it is thanksgiving in america (i think) and although we don't really celebrate it in new zealand, i wanted to say a few things i'm thankful for.
the stars- oh what a love. my parents, my sisters, my nieces. my friends- so solid. soaking in gorgeous summer mornings, the ability to not do anything much but sit and be, just be. beautiful music to fill my days with. faith, hope and love. modern technology (shallow? haha) tears and laughter. joy and pain- feeling all that is real. smiling really big genuine smiles, for no other reason then life.

i will write a book like this for myself one day.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

sunshine day

good things: dessert picnic on top of a hill, freezing on said hill and coming home for a hot lemon, honey and ginger, printing tonnes of new photos for my walls, new pajama pants, pretty charity bags they come in. fairy lights, assassin, all of battle studies, down on love. first swim of summer, baby spinach hummus. staying up way too late with the greatest friends. ever.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i am chrissy.

kia ora, i'm chrissy. i'm 18. i live in a small country called new zealand, it's possibly the most beautiful place on earth and it is home. i am a daughter, sister, aunty, cousin and friend. i love to love, and i will love you, i can pretty much guarantee that. i am loyal to the point of being unable to let go and move on, good and bad. everyday i dream of travelling the world and owning my own cafe , it will be filled with beautiful things including my friends. i am obsessed with op shops and can't resist a single pretty scarf or brown leather handbag. there are so many things i want to learn, like how to skateboard/surf/ski, speak another language (maori) play an instrument- any is fine and sew well to name a few. today i wish the most that i could complete something like taking a photo a day for a year. it's been done many times before, not at all original, but i think i might just do it.