Thursday, April 29, 2010


arrived in my country on tuesday.
and last night. i saw him. he played heart of life. i cried. and it was the best thing ever. ever. ever. times 24367340673436073603. so, so happy that he played a mix of old and new. so, so happy to see my favourite artist ever, until next time john...

(my camera broke between coffee club half an hour before the concert, and stepping inside the vector arena, but i did get a t-shirt despite my 'no more band shirt' pact i made with myself after counting more then 25 band shirts in my draw that haven't been worn for either years or ever, eeeeeek, but it's JOHN. completely different story)

fan-club presales were the best thing ever.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

oh kate nash, you are all kinds of glorious and truth.

Simply, knowing you exist aint good enough for me
But asking for your telephone number seems highly inappropriate

Seeing as I can't
You don't say hi
As you walk by

And that time you shook my hand it felt so nice
I swear I never felt this way about any other guy
And I don't usually notice people's eyes but..

I conducted a plan to bump into you most accidentally
But I was walking along and bumped into you
Much more heavily than I had originally planned
It was well embarrassing and I think you thought I was a bit of a twat

I just think that we'd get on
And I wish I could tell you face to face
Without singing this stupid song
But yeah I just think that we'd get on

isn't she lovely? image found via google images. x