Monday, June 21, 2010


so i took part in this little thing called the 'simply delightful package swap' hosted by the AMAZING (i don't often use capitals) tillie from she waits for whispers

and my package arrived about two weeks ago now but fiiiinally i had a moment to take a few photos tonight to show you how spoiled i was. my swap partner was the lovely tillie herself and my goodness she made my day, week, month, all of it, and it put everyone i showed (i showed a LOT of people) in a good mood too, so...

how nice is her wiriting!? even the envelope was cute.

and inside, all wrapped up in brown paper, fave.

there was a third bow, it was in my hair when i was taking photos, its so so cute.

so incredible! hand made bow hairclips, earrings made by tillie, delish lip balm, a pretty nail file, chocolate, yummy tea, pin up post cards and cards also designed by tillie, the woman is a genius, myyyy goodness! and how amazing is the paper that letter is on!? each piece of paper had a different camera, safe to say my mind was blown. thank you thank you thank you, you lovely lady! eeeep, so much loveliness.

everyone check out her blog, it's a goodie, one of my favourites in fact. xx


  1. You actually got Tillie? Cool! What a lovely parcel. Mail posts make me so happy :) I hope you had a nice time in Tonga!

  2. awwwh I have only just seen this! Amazing! hehe. I am so stoked that you loved the contents! <3 Much love presh. xoxo